Aaron Rivera’s Celebration of Leisure through Painting

September 14th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Film, Illustration, Los Angeles, Mixed Media, Paintings, San Francisco No Comment yet

Aaron Rivera is an artist in the Los Angeles area who we had the pleasure to meet at Le Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA. His work possesses a certain bright sentimentality and elicits fond memories and feelings of days passed and those still to come. Rivera takes you on a mental and emotional vacation through his most recent expressions in the celebration of leisure.

Rivera’s most recent work is a collection of illustrations depicting activities of leisure and comfort during the summer season. Colorful blue humanoid figures enjoy activities that relax, excite, or even titillate. The figures, which may resemble fish more than humans, are juxtaposed against the fun activities the viewer has most likely taken for granted themselves. This style allows for the activity to stand on its own. They do not depict an individual person but rather a representation of all people. By not being human they represent all of humanity. There is also a curiosity in each depiction in how we the viewer connect to the piece. We see a barely humanoid figure lounging in the water only to be brought back to our own memories of swimming and floating. Strangely enough it is the almost unrecognizable forms engaged in each image that bring the particular activity to the forefront.

Aaron Rivera graduated San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial arts and he has found a voice in the colorful and organic. His work can currently be seen at the celebrated surrealist La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA. In addition to illustrations and paintings, he has worked in designing stop motion puppets for director Charlie Kaufman, and contributes to the web series Cost of Living and Croissant Man.

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