Abstract Energies: The Photos of Chicago’s Carey Primeau

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Chicago-born photographer Carey Primeau has a lot to say about conformity. He believes that “the standard is unacceptable” and that we should not conform to the ideas of the masses. These ideals transfer heavily into his artwork, breaking the mold with fine art photography.

On his website, Primeau explains that “photography helps me communicate ideas about the urban environment, passion, love, nature and even energy. In fact, it’s my key to self-expression and for loving life.” He expands on his philosophy by saying that photography is his own way of physically sharing that visual energy with other individuals.

In his series titled “Alterscapes,” double negatives of modern architecture and landscapes are superimposed onto 35mm film. By layering these photos, he creates intriguingly surreal images similar to those formed in a kaleidoscope.

He continued the series by creating “Alterscapes 2,” which added a new dynamic: humans. A woman can be seen walking on a bridge. This same bridge is then merged into the left-hand side of the photograph. In doing so, the artist is able to capture time and location as well as space and our awareness of it.

In “neglectedBEAUTY” Primeau captures the elegance of abandoned buildings. He has a way of making these buildings look just as beautiful as they were when people filled them by highlighting the architecture rather than focusing on decay. This is also shown in his wedding photography or his photos of friends, family and lovers. He has a way of capturing the essence of the moment, of the person and of the place – as he would say, capturing the very energy of the moment.

You can check out the series mentioned (in full) by clicking the title names below or by visiting his website here.

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neglectedBEAUTY5  neglectedBEAUTY4

neglectedBEAUTY2 neglectedBEAUTY1

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