Adam Hunter Caldwell (Oakland, CA)

August 1st, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Adam Hunter Caldwell paints collages in a way that makes it hard for ones brain to accept that these aren’t actually assembled sources. It’s still a collage, as disparate subconscious renderings collide in space and inhabit each other with color, topography, and history; but it’s also a painting. Blended, yet incongruous. In one corner, typography; in the other, parka-wearing hikers… then flowers and everything else you’d assume would require many psyches to amalgamate. It’s all part of these complex worlds.

Adam’s ability to engrain his work with the scattered multiplicity of a wild mind and the skill of a seasoned painter comes together seamlessly. Whether the expertly crinkled fabric of a white gas mask, an amazingly lit doorway, a mirrored girl, or a bunch of roses, the detail in every aspect of these paintings solidifies the montage feel. His drawings further prove his technical ability, and we’re seriously impressed by the way his paintings activate the imagination. A surreal entry point for real talent, AHC is a new favorite of ours.

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