Alex Lufer (St. Petersburg, Russia)

June 19th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Alex Lufer’s work is so good that it tricks the eye with ease. He lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia, and clearly isn’t confined to a narrow aesthetic. They’re all oil paintings, but the styles range from photorealism, to still life’s, to portraiture. He explains his theory of art on his website, which reverberate among 4 visual languages that he parses into academic, synthetic, spontaneous, and photographic.  Anyone who creates their own rabbit hole is surely someone IPMM wants to know. The graph below shows how he has given shape to the ideas that guide his art, and we have to say; we’ve never seen an artist create art to explain their art. We love it.

At IPMM, as a team of writers, photographers, and designers, we truly appreciate this cognitive/creative theory. Often times the art is the philosophy in and of itself, but seeing an artist using words and even additional art to explain his vantage point absolutely helped us understand his perspective. The intentionality of applying art history in a direct way to his creative process is admirable, and the varied results evidence his solid grasp of each. We love the authenticity in all the work, and are impressed by his ability to do so many things so damn well.

Alex Lufer’s entire portfolio is a click away…

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