Andrew Myers (Laguna Beach, CA)

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Words by James McBride

Born in Germany, raised in Spain, and now living in Laguna Beach, CA, Andrew certainly exemplifies the role of a global citizen. Andrew Myers offers us a multiplicity of visual stimulation. There are the frieze-like 3D portraits whose organic, flowing features, upon closer inspection, spring to life from an intricate pattern of metal screws. There are the bronze sculptures that both evoke the classical nude musculatures of Rome while incorporating modern references – a telephone, a lightbulb, a child’s wagon. And there are, showing off his fluency in several major forms and his dexterity as a visual artist, the evocative monochromatic figure paintings that play with both human form and language. 

This marriage of the modern and the classical, both in form and in content, is at the heart of Andrew Myers’ work. It is not a marriage without tension, but the tensions are vital and creative; a conversation, not a conflict. On the classical side, he draws deeply from his European heritage, revitalizing forms that echo the ancient Italian frieze and the rippling bronze bodies of Rodin. And the infusions of modernity – the use of industrial screws, of newsprint, and other technological references – are not presented as refutations of or improvements on the past, but rather playful juxtapositions that highlight both the distance we’ve come as well as the debt we owe to what has come before, and what continues to shape us.






Check out more of Andrew’s work on his site!

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