Ben Newman (London, England)

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Ben Newman’s work is bold, colorful, and solid. His geometric approach has broad application, and his emphasis on typography also lends to very well-balanced and proportioned pieces. Even in the language of shapes, the ideas are easy to read. The resulting level of engagement is a disarming one, perhaps in which those of us who don’t consider ourselves ‘art geeks’ might find a good touch point. From his client list, it’s precisely that quality that makes him a good hire; the aesthetic approach isn’t intimidating, in fact, it’s warm.

Here’s the dudes’ artist statement… once we read it, it was clear we were in good hands:

“Newman floundered around in the dross pits of earth for several millennia before finally gluing his brain blocks together, then gettin’ up and goin’ home. Since then he’s been honing his contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colours and playful characters into something resembling a career. He has produced work for clients including the Tate, IBM, BBC Radio 4, Fantagraphics, Absolut Vodka and Nobrow Press.”

Ben Newman

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