Cedric De Smedt (Brussels, Belgium)

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Cedric’s work is awesomely grotesque. This Belgian illustrator reflects an opaque palette that acknowledges the morbidity inherent in the human experience, while still employing enough colors to keep you happy. He seems to have given shape to emotion or pain, as misshapen triangles exude and descend. His website is a mix of illustrations, poetry, and remixed electronic tracks, which feed into one another and create this multilingual communication stream.  He appears to be entirely lost in his creative thoughts, and well, we applaud the shit out of that.  Too often is cretivity buffered by cumbersome things like logic and time, pfff!  Cedric De Smedt will surely be someone we stay tuned in to, as he shows no signs of subsiding; while sight, rhythms, and sound are at once his expression, and our means of understanding him.

His Flickr page catalogues his illustrations.

Cedric’s Portfolio

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