Derek Gores (Melbourne, FL)

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Words by Evan La Ruffa

Derek Gores’ collage and abstract works are absolutely full of life. Some artists styles are born out of necessity, or confines. Some can only draw a certain way. When someone can communicate with fluidity across mediums, we’re sure to be impressed. Especially when the results are as different and successful as the collages and the abstract pieces contained herein. He’s got a long list of clients, including, ESPN, Lenny Kravitz, Lucasfilm, Kings of Leon, U2, NASCAR, Adidas, Madonna, Harley Davidson, 321 Agency, Van Halen, the National Football League, LiveNation, SEIU, Love Haight Apparel, and JCPenney. It makes sense since since his collage work is so clearly broad and widely applicable to various subject matters. In his collages, he gives something that would otherwise feel sterile a jaggedly cellular feel, yet in his abstractions, rich color and texture is all that’s needed to convey.

Derek’s Website

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