Graffiti Fine Art by Jared Levy – Pt 1

November 1st, 2011 Posted by Art, Featured, Film, Photography 2 comments

Graffiti Fine Art by Jared Levy

Jared Levy went to Brazil for a few years to check out the thriving street art scene, particularly that of Sao Paulo, centered around an exhibit which brought graffiti indoors and into the fine art atmosphere & white walls of a gallery. He describes his time in Brazil as “a period of intense observation.”  The exhibition itself invited 65 artists from 13 countries to come paint the walls at MuBE Museum in Sao Paulo in September 2010.  The result of Jared’s time cataloging the ideas and art of these varied and incredibly talented artists, is born in the film which has already won awards, and which does an incredible job of highlighting a subculture that has permeated the globe, connected cultures, and resembles a new language. IPMM is happy as hell to have caught up with Jared, and we’re hoping to plan something exciting with him for 2012 (we be talkin!).  For now, enjoy the extended preview and stay tuned for our interview with filmmaker Jared Levy in Part Two.

Extended Preview plus Write-Up on Jared’s site

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