IPaintMyMind Print Project: The Prometheus Tree by Vidhya Nagarajan – ON SALE!

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IPaintMyMind Print Project: The Prometheus Tree by Vidhya Nagarajan


Here’s the backstory from Vidhya:

“In 1964 a scientist was doing climate change research. He wanted to study the width between tree rings to see the temperature at different times in history. He had ordered a special drill to take a core sample of a gnarled, old Great Basin Bristlecone Pine tree. He began twisting the drill into the tree, but it became too difficult to turn. Finally, the drill broke into the tree. The drill was a special order item, and the scientist needed it to finish his research. He found a district ranger nearby and the ranger tells him not to worry, “we’ll just cut down the tree.” He takes a big slab of the tree home and counts over 4, 800 rings. He learns that he had cut down the oldest living organism in the world.

This story was heard on an episode of WNYC Radiolab about a year ago and has been on my mind ever since. I cringe every time I think about all of the people and events the Prometheus Tree outlived only to be cut down in a short time.”

There’s not much else to say! Support Vidhya’s work, support IPaintMyMind, AND beautify your walls. They’re $20 each, or get the entire set for $50. Purchase the FULL SET and receive a FREE Mandala Logo Print from IPMM.

The Prometheus Tree is available in the following editions:

YELLOW – Edition of 20

GREEN – Edition of 10

BROWN – Edition of 10


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