Juan Gatti (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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This stuff exists at the cross-section of nature and a science textbook. Anatomical hallucinations in a Darwinist dance find amplification in the mind of Argentinean Juan Gatti. Born in Buenos Aires and having lived in NY and Madrid, he’s a film director, a photographer, creative director, and overall visionary. These are some of his lesser known works, which are illustrations that test the confines of the human body and reality in general. He melds bodies and butterflies, plant life and reptiles, and his agility is more than impressive. His eye is that of a graphic designer, constantly curating and harnessing space and proportion. After checking out these, those sensibilities are obvious.

Regardless of the scope, these are images dreamed up by an adept mind. To think that these works aren’t even his forte makes us feel seriously inadequate. These things are so incredible that you’d imagine their creator has honed this particular vantage point for years. We’re thankful to have found Gatti, because these images are truly spectacular.

Juan Gatti

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