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Motoi Yamamoto (Hiroshima, Japan)

March 7th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured 1 comment

A photo of Motoi Yamamoto on all fours, creating these masterpieces, is all you really need to see to figure it all out.  Even for those of us who haven’t listened to the mind of our inner child so consistently, it’s obvious that Motoi focuses, and creates.  In the video we included below of Yamamoto creating these incredible installations, the painstaking scope of the work is put into perspective, making the clear connection between meditation, clarity of mind, and ability to create.  This is to say, aside from these installations, we doubt he has any need to meditate. The targeted concentration he employs while creating is a function of total dedication to a vision, much like we all did when the first building blocks or LEGO’s were tossed at our feet.  The mode is white wall, but for us, the process of creating the art is what makes this so exceptional. With a CV that looks like a yellow book, we’re clearly not the first to have latched on to the captivating works of this incredible Japanese artist.

Check out Yamamoto’s entire portfolio. And if he ever shows in your town, get off your butt and go see it!

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One comment

Chris says:

I had seen Motoi's older works some of the more geometrical works towards the bottom, I had no idea it was the same person when I saw those first few photos! Its amazing the direction he is going, can't wait to see more.

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