Beautiful Office Art at ZS’ New Facility in Downtown Evanston

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There’s a benevolent dichotomy that exists at the center of the Shared Walls Program, and which has been fueling our mission for a few years. That has to do with the way that we have turned office art & rotating art rentals for offices and facilities, into a revenue generating service that pays for the FREE art we offer underserved communities. It’s so much fun and we love giving back in this way!

We use the value art rentals offer businesses on one side to offer impact & resources for Chicago’s communities on the other. This is exactly why it’s so great to connect with companies that both need loaned art for their office and are aligned with our mission and believe that art should be accessible to everyone.

That said, we’re thrilled with our latest collaboration, this time with ZS Associates, Inc. for their brand new office on the 6th-8th floor of The Rotary Center in downtown Evanston. They paid special attention to their spaces, loved our mission, and were a lot of fun to work with.

We ended up installing art prints by local design and print duo, Sonnenzimmer, and are thrilled with how it turned out. This is not your typical office art, and we’re proud of that! It melds abstract notions with great design sense and really gives the office an upbeat vibe. The lighting works perfectly, while the art enhances a larger open room of desks as well as a sitting area just off their modern new kitchen that overlooks Lake Michigan.

Whether companies looking for creative solutions for remodeling spaces or just looking to spruce up an existing office, we’re able to mobilize an incredible art collection that provides value while giving back.

Special thanks to Kate, Sidd, Nariman, and Brenda at ZS for their continued partnership. We look forward to working with ZS to help add some energy to their other offices as well!

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