Q4 x IPMM: New Years Eve Photo Review

Jesse Golfis & Evan La Ruffa (IPMM)

Much love to everyone who helped make New Years Eve at Quennect 4 Gallery the success that it was. From the artists, to the bands, and the DJ’s, our senses were stimulated……until they could be stimulated no longer. Oh well, it was NYE right?

Check out some photos of the night, and stay tuned for more events coming from the collective consciousness that is, I Paint My Mind.


Photos: Michael “Frank” Alpert & Aaron “The Forrest Whisperer” Schreiber-Stainthorp

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  1. jessegolfis January 4, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    My must humble thanks, Good Sir. It proved to be an amazing evening of great memories and amazing people. Thanks for making it all happen! Cheers!

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