Ramaz Razmadse (Tbilisi, Georgia)

September 14th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Ramaz Razmadse is himself a compendium of everything great, and surreal. His Dalinean leanings are clear, as he’s clearly an art historian. Humanity is classic and technically composed while his scenes are vast and of a dream-state world. It’s bizarre, it’s airy, it’s calculated. His oils and pastels make it all more accessible in a way a darker approach might not have communicated, and we’re happy to have found his work through one of our meandering, dyslexic google searches. When any single artist can remind you of many, that’s certainly a special thing; somehow acting as a conduit for history, a living anthology. This Tbilisi, Georgia native is certainly part of the history of surrealist art, both adding his own take, while showing reverence. The work is colorful and whimsical, lending itself to our liking.

Ramaz Razmadse

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