Rob Mulholland (Scotland, UK)

June 27th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Mirror-shaped reflection-beings, Scottish hillsides, skillful hands, and a tactful mind. In the eye of this humble editor, this is one of the better creative ideas ever. It’s as if metaphor and practical implementation converge in the most seamless of ways. Whether Tide Flow – Time Flow where mirrored beings in water reflect coastline and waves, or “Vestige” where wooded areas bend back on themselves, it’s all so conceptually stellar. Mirrors are often a part of poetic refrain, which renders Mulholland’s application so on point. Physically reflecting in situations based on introspection as opposed to vanity, the mirror becomes a much more worthy tool. This Scottish artist dominates multiple tools and mediums, while sending out shots to the collective subconscious. His installations and sculptures show an incredible technical range, and mind you, that’s all after having come up with a uniquely synergistic concept. Thankfully, artists like Rob Mulholland inject impetus and importance into a dialogue that can wane. He reminds us to pause and take stock.

Aside from the metaphor, he intricately involves his homeland by placing these human-shaped mirrors amidst old covered structures that have been buried in the ground since World War I. The eery reflection feels like a dialogue with the artists’ ancestors, as identity, purpose, and creative expression intertwine in a melange of awesome. Stop, scroll, and roll (to Rob’s website), or head to Scotland and hope you see mirrors on a hill.

Rob Mulholland had one of our favorite ideas, ever. Take a look at his entire portfolio – HERE.

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