Rose-Marie Klintman (Sweden)

February 24th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Functional, straight-forward, and often bending in the direction we enjoy most, that of the surreal. Rose-Marie Klintman is a Swedish artist who we applaud, and who’s work feels like the intermingling of cubism and surrealism with an overarching sense of honesty. There aren’t any gimmicks involved here, nor computers or manipulation that lends itself to above all things, perfection; which with respect to art, is hardly paramount. RMK has shown in Berlin, besides in her native Sweden, and despite being born in 1957, has only become a full-time artist since the 90’s. It’s clear she did well to give art her total attention, as Klintman’s entire portfolio evidences a style & aptitude all its own. Whether cloud-lit chairs or raining umbrellas, we’re happy to take this ride.

Rose-Marie’s work is vast

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