Smithe (Mexico City, Mexico)

August 7th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

“Smithe” isn’t necessarily the type of name you’d expect to come from an illustrator based on in Mexico City, not that that matters at all; especially since the work is so clearly brilliant. Color, line work, flow, imagination. It’s all there. We’re especially fond of the explosion layout illustrations, ala the last oddly worded manual you perused, only this is graced by layers of faces complete with jawbones and incisors. This type of deconstruction is fascinating both as far as the resulting work, but also insofar as the thought process for taking things apart with skill.

The concise and detailed approach to form and shape is indicative of a trend we’re seeing across creative disciplines; whether a graphic designer or illustrator, awareness of balance and a clean hand, even when depicting robotic craniums. Smithe is sure to make his mark. He’s also and art director and graffiti artist gracing walls with his incisive compositions.

You can buy his prints… and you should.


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