Tasos Chonias (Athens, Greece)

January 25th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

The talent and precision evident in these paintings by Tasos CHonias is astonishing. Hitting the retina the way a photograph would, the scenes contained herein feel like much more than renderings; these places feel absolutely real, places in our world.  The effect of light injecting itself into each of these rooms warms these otherwise static, being-less glimpses.  Greek artist, Tasos Chonias has clearly honed his attention to detail, as well as an incredible ability paint in HD.  These photograph-esque pieces contain an eery contrast that makes us wonder intently about the possibilities suggested by the light creeping in through that window. This is definitely not for the casual art collector, but the brilliance is undeniable, and the paintings themselves are a ton of fun to look at. However, if you have 10k that’s burning a whole in your pocket, we’d say… go for it.

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