Ted Feighan aka Monster Rally (Los Angeles, CA)

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Ted, Monster Rally, ya know, aliases and what not. Regardless of the particular sensory experience Ted is helping you participate in at any given time, it’s all textural and full of life. His collage work functions as cover art for his Monster Rally releases, and we’ve been honking the horn for him since finding the Coral LP. After getting in touch, Monster Rally made a contribution to our DJ Series, and we’ve been staring at sick collages and enjoying his sonic art ever since.

In our mind, the best collage work not only coalesces in a convincing manner, but also makes the viewer’s brain wander into each images’ original context. The ensuing kaleidoscope of color, vibration, geography, and speed is emblematic of Ted’s work. The vintage feel and topographical images are juxtaposed with characters and color, rendering the tender bird’s eye view of an acid trip on pause. For the record, the image of records, pets, and source material on his website makes us smile wide.

Sights and sounds, whether Ted or Monster Rally…

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