Vandal Expressionism by Joseph Meloy (New York, NY)

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Danger to the Dark by Joseph Meloy

This is one of those instances where the artist can describe him or herself better than we ever could. Vandal Expressionism works through the mind of Joseph Meloy, whose ability to engage via colors and shapes is summarily victorious. The reality is that Meloy’s forays into his own breed of expressionistic shape and color are summarily great. Characterized by geometry and a tactile sense of existence, the lines and shapes herein are indicative of something which IPMM has always held true; the technicality involved in creating work is academic, but the emotions imparted are what make art powerful. In this case, technicality and emotion come together perfectly, as vibrant pieces balance out there darker ones while still communicating with a playfulness of heart that facilitates good feelings. Hailing from New York, and with a new website to be unveiled, if you’re into expressionism or any permutation thereof, you’ll love Joseph’s work.

Electro Tribal by Joseph MeloyMiami Crank by Joseph MeloyMicroscope by Joseph MeloyMotherboard Tapestry by Joseph MeloyPink and Yellow Factory Circuit by Joseph Meloy Set to the Tune of Rhapsody in Blueby Joseph MeloyTribal Configuration by Joseph Meloy Trinket by Joseph Meloy Wilted Urban Flower by Joseph Meloy will be up and running soon! You can also link up via his Facebook page.

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