Vidhya Nagarajan’s Iconic Illustrations, From Chennai to St. Louis

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Hailing from St. Louis, Vidhya is a talented illustrator, a foodie, and a friend. Her illustrations usually relate simple concepts or situations through an approachable and interesting way that depicts life through snapshots. She recently completed a book for her seminar project, called A Day In Chennai, and it’s fantastic. Below you can see a Youtube clip of Vidhya flipping through the pages to give you a look at what’s inside. Here’s what Vidhya has to say about the book: “

“Chennai is a city in India that much of my family lives in. Chennai is so different from life here. The place is organized chaos.  I mean, there would be a cow taking a nap in the middle of busy traffic! And that’s normal! I thought the best visual information would come from an initial observation I had about the city – it’s crowded.  I illustrated the city by concentrating on how people, vehicles, animals and the results of weather take over free space.  I made a list of images that I wanted to have in my book and then wrote the story around the list.”

As we mentioned, Vid is also a foodie, and in that spirit, created an extremely cool map of Chicago with choice eateries marking the landscape. The map was given some love by Girl and The Goat, and if you email Vidhya, you can grab a print for yourself. It’s below the video…Know a Chicago-foodie? Well, now you have their holiday gift figured out.

Email her to get one: – or order one via her Etsy shop – HERE!

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A Day In Chennai

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