Zlatka Paneva of Rococco LA (Los Angeles, CA)

August 28th, 2012 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Rococco LA is the balanced interplay between color and clean design. There’s whimsy in the subject matter, organicism in its texture, and keen design sensibilities that result in dynamic images. Zlatka Paneva, the talent and brains behind Rococco LA, has a solid presence on Etsy and has something for every room of your house. From the playfulness of birds upon old-world hands to the hopeful morbidity of skulls decorated with roses, it all works, and we dig it. The landscape of modern art is pockmarked with talented artists like Zlatka who make their work available at real-person prices. Give her shop a glance!

Maybe more of us should wear crustaceans or bird nests on our heads…

Rococco LA on Etsy

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