10Mixes.com & Cutz on Cuts by DJ Moppy

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We’ve been into 10Mixes.com for a handful of months now, constantly referring to it when the drudgery of the short rotation of ones’ Itunes library falls on its face yet again.

DJ Moppy, who’s accomplishments are many, was drawn in by the tentacles of DJ Limbs, one of IPMM’s Artist Liaison’s – a man who’s connections to talented people are many. Good people know good people, so it works out… In any event, DJ Moppy is dedicated to finding and compiling mixtapes from all over the web. He’s been lovely enough to repost a few selections from the IPMM DJ Series, and we look forward to working with him in the future…

We can’t conclude this post without giving a massive endorsement to perhaps Moppy’s most inspired project, Cutz on Cutz, in which multiple DJ’s combine to create emphatic, urban sonic canvasses. Check out the Cutz on Cuts Session Wednesday’s from 5-8pm CST on UStream!

Also, don’t miss what Moppy cooked up for the IPMM DJ Series a while back. You can listen and download it for FREE on our DJ SERIES PAGE – HERE!!!

Cutz on Cuts Youtube Channel – HERE

To view the Live Stream and Recorded videos…


Check out what DJ Moppy has to say about Cutz on Cuts:

“I always found the energy intoxicating when a bunch of DJs get together for a scratch session and are vibing off each other.. It reminded me of watching Jazz Greats play off each other.. The way they watch another play and really listen with a sixth sense, and than magically pick up playing right on time.. As if it was all planned.  Yet this might be the first time they played together.  I love that feeling…”

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