Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin (Long Lake, MN)

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Words by Evan La Ruffa

Raw, textured, nature. That would be a decent line of a haiku inspired by the photographs of Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin. Her photos contain such exquisite detail that they redefine vision. Her brand of hyper-realist photographs are achieved through use of infrared film, offering a special view of the world as only an artist can see it. Clouds are thick and tumble through the sky in Van Gogh swirls. Horizons bend just to the point before they become abstract, and trees loom like Titans under angry skies.

Her subject matter is familiar but seems to belong to some unknown world that ordinary people are not privileged to know. Hofkin chooses her vantage points perfectly and frames her photos so that planet Earth becomes a collection of foreign locales in desperate need of exploration.

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Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin

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