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Beat. Inc – The Formula EP

June 18th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Music No Comment yet

Beat Inc. is the brainchild of young Italian producer and multi-instrumentalist Fabrizio ‘B.Kun’ Pollice, and we’re impressed by the vision behind their latest effort, The Formula EP. He recruited a host of talented musicians including Ed “HED’ Amati, and recorded this music live with “absolutely no computers” (not including the remixes of course)As such, we opened our ears and liked what we heard a lot. “Black Tea Morning” drops into a soft groove, a perfect Sunday-morning hip hop rhythm track. It then kicks into another gear, one of of which truly makes you question how they were able to make this record without any computers. Solid musical segments open doors for each other, in an interplay that is tactful, funky, and soulful. “Primitive Fire” is dubbed out, lies low, and maintains the thread of funk that is so emblematic of the feel of the entire record. “Just Remember” intercedes with the sound of smoke being inhaled, and more effects that make you appreciate the instrumentation of the extra-planetary sound contained herein. The EP’s arch is solid – we always like hearing records that are cohesive from front to back.

This offering includes remixed tracks of the original EP, making for a substantial vinyl release. The remixes show further possibilities for the already out-there tracks, and give you a lot more for your money. Purchase the vinyl and get the mp3’s for FREE, as it should be! Regardless, this is worth however many dollars equal 10 euro. Released by Original Cultures, a nonprofit arts organization and label based in Bologna, Italy and London, UK, we’re surely excited to have found such an interesting record label. If Beat Inc. are any indication, Original Cultures are people to keep in touch with.

Get it via their Bandcamp page, Limited Edition White Vinyl also available …

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