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Benny Loco: Mesa Mesa /// Void

August 23rd, 2012 Posted by Featured, Music No Comment yet

Benny Loco must be from another planet. That’s really the only way we can explain his music, but it’s also probably why we get along so well. One of our most recent Artist Liaison additions, IPMM is happy to have Benny on board, supporting our brand of media & art advocacy. Benny Loco’s latest release, Mesa Mesa/Void is audio candy. As with a few of his previous releases, IPMM Founder Evan La Ruffa has contributed a few words for the albums’ liner notes. Enjoy the tracks and the remixes, as a few talented individuals added their own flavor, including Outlet, a.poco.lips, and WD4D. This music is from the future.

subterranean bass shake, synonyms and synapses 
while wheel wells and train brakes percuss, 
hollow metals chime like algorithms 
and heart beats trudge through snow and in streets. 

moons wink while equators and meridians trade tendencies, 
as postures reflect memories, third eyes, and software. 
his boots and smoke signals wear quantum headphones 
while rhythms turn and transcend, percolate and reside. 

cells and sensibilities, 
claps and strings, 
humans all sway the same way. 

and so we do.

Benny Loco: Mesa Mesa /// Void

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