Brigette Bloom aka Call Your Momm

June 20th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Photography No Comment yet

Brigette Bloom’s photos are intimate glimpses that reflect the beauty of singular experiences. She allows us into mini-moments, of which there are millions, and which through her lens, are given their due resonance. There are big issues and bigger arguments, but remembering the space in between is not only a good meditation, it’s also a great creative vehicle. Her photos are erotic because they’re honest; no glam, no pretense – just reality. There’s no veneer or clouded glass to keep you from it, no wrapping paper, no polish.

Whether texture or light, we’re impressed, as Brigette’s eye has captured moments between moments… an ability we find uncanny and more than worthwhile.

Brigette’s Flickr … She tumbles too…

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