Christina Aphroditi (New York, NY)

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Her shots come from the eyeball of the fly on the wall. Regardless of the shot, the feeling if being an unnoticed part of the scene lends a stark and still quality to the resulting photos. High contrast, texturized shots jump from the screen and implant themselves in brains like scenes in a movie. The feeling of being an incognito onlooker is voyeuristic in a g-rated way, and imparts a quaint sense of calm.

She’s based in Queens, New York, and relies on the vibrance of the city as her muse. Her study of Psychology at CUNY focused on the Jungian side of things, and well… we’re into Carl ourselves. Christina’s eye for detail and beauty amidst the mundane is typical of an agile mind; a focus on relational aesthetics, the compound quality of a shot whose view yields more than a camera ever could. We’ve been happy to be in touch with her, as her attraction to IPMM is in line with most of the submissions we get; work that is right up our alley, and which validates the perspective IPMM tends to embody. Every second is an opportunity to live the art flowing through one’s mind, something Ms. Aphroditi is keenly aware of.

Christina Aphroditi Photography

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