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Cloudeater – Sun and Sidearm

December 14th, 2011 Posted by Featured, Music 1 comment

Cloudeater are pieces of a lot of things you’ve heard (and loved) before, but manage to wrap it in something completely unique. Their latest effort, “Sun and Sidearm” is solid in its melancholy melody, ethereal spaces, and dirty drums.  In one moment triphop, in another Sigur Ros, and in others, glimmers of Gorillas-esque R&B hooks.

The track “Hardly Wait” enters with an infectious chorus, simple structure, while fuzz and percussion impart head-nodding genre obliteration.  The functional diversity is what sets this music apart, as the vocals linger over top of compositions that only in recent years you might expect from 5-piece outfits like Atlanta’s Cloudeater. “The Dive” evidences that formula while cementing itself in your third eye’s Ipod, as its latter stages texturally drift into the falsetto funk of “Nothing Critical.”  The releases’ title track weighs in perfectly as its conclusion, softly lulling Cloudeater’s stripped down breaks and unspeakably good vocals to sleep.  Having opened for Cody Chestnutt, Girl Talk, and N.E.R.D., it’s clear this band should be lauded for this superlative effort.

Sun and Sidearm by cloudeater

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