Denis Rouvre (Paris, France)

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Denis Rouvre’s portrait photography is intense in a way few images can convey. It makes us wonder how he does it. Each and every photo has life-force, and communicates the personality of each subject in the most uninhibited of ways. Images range from anthropological to celebrity, but the nakedness of the energy captured in each shot is constant throughout.

There’s intimacy pulsating in the work, showing just how much people trust his vision, and his ability to reflect everyone he shoots in the way they hope to be seen. While most photos show us as we are, Rouvre’s shots show people as they hope to be seen; all of which, are bound by delicate humanity. The vibrance, focus, and stark intentionality of the work is staggering, as a look at this man’s portfolio truly makes one feel more alive.

Denis Rouvre

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