dj limbs and butter - fake rubies

DJ Limbs and Butter – Fake Rubies EP on 12″ vinyl

July 13th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Music No Comment yet

DJ Limbs and Butter our back with another tagteam effort that is nothing but stellar. The duo came together a few years back for the Mad Jazz Noodle EP, which cemented the musical relationship, while proving that Limbs and Ruthie were well on their way to a productive and inspiring confluence. DJ Limbs has been doing his thing in Chicago for years now, has production skills for days, and this vinyl EP proves it. His ability to synthesize various sounds into one palatable array is uncanny. He and Ruthie come together seamlessly, as her vocals hover above limbs’ melodies’ and rhythms like a Brazilian Bjork on valium. “Fake Rubies” dabbles in downtempo but kicks up with tracks like “Church,” which should move even the most atheist of listeners. This release is dance, funk, soul, trip hop, and more. If you can’t find a home in these sound waves, slap yourself.

Tomorrow is the Fake Rubies EP release party here in Chicago – the release will be available on vinyl, friends will be spinning tunes, then DJ Limbs and Butter rock a few tracks. It should be a solid night at Between Lounge on N. Milwaukee Ave and IPMM reps will be in attendance.


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