Double King’s Love Letter to the Night

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The way the night fades into the dawn is the way Double King’s sounds sink into your skin. On the band’s second LP, “Night Fades,” the band offers soulful melodies and lyrics as deep and colorful as the rays of sun that end the night.

It’s commonly suggested that rock music today lacks originality and authenticity, something rock musicians have fought and died for in the past. As it turns out, rock music is alive and well and living in Brooklyn, NY. With “Night Fades,” Double King proves that the indie rock scene is as vibrant as the city that inspires their sounds.

Like the streets of Brooklyn, “Night Fades” is unpredictable in the most tempting of ways. It is a guiding light in the night, embodying the feelings only offered by a night in the city. It keeps you energized, it promises surprises and it makes you feel alive. Songs like “Streets Forever” appear lyrically driven, but there is so much more than that. It’s the instrumentals that really bring Double King to life. The album is upbeat, but it also finds moments to be cool, calm and acoustic. Frontman Ryan Dieringer has a voice that entraps your senses and with it alone he has the power to hold you hostage ’til the wee hours of dawn.

The combination of a group of talented musicians singing above the noise of the crowded city, Double King’s music is an exploration of the circumstances of life mixed with a hopeful promise of tomorrow. It’s optimistic, but honest. Truth comes out in the night, but it is revealed by dawn’s light.

“Night Fades” is worth multiple listens. It’s worth exploring. Travel the night and we’ll see you on the other side.

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