Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes

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Words by Evan La Ruffa

Flying Lotus is glitch royalty at this point. A man whose creative tentacles slither in every direction, and whose aptitude and apetite for fresh audio terrain. This effort is more celestial than previous efforts, of which irregular percussion melds with an array of impactful phenomena. There’s a morbidly hopeful undertone to this record, or maybe that’s our own projection; regardless, it’s truly new territory for the Low End Theory veteran, and we look forward to his live interpretations of these tracks. The man in question has succeeded magnificently, this time employing an even wider spectrum of sounds.

‘”Getting There” feat Niki Randa, whose music video we reported on previously, is a hallmark moment on the record. “Tiny Tortures” is the ebb to the flow provided on “All The Secrets,” which is a higher BPM exercise than we tend to think of coming from FlyLo, yet it’s victorious in brand new ways. “Sultan’s Request” scratches that classic Flying Lotus itch that makes you want to percolate right into the floor. Bassmelt action indeed. “See Thru to U” sees Erykah Badu join in, which continues the palpability of primal, round tones, and complimentary textures, blessed by Erykah’s adept vocals. The title track employs claps and beeps, Nintendo tones, and bass. UTQC is full of reverent expression, as well as patience and grace. “The Nightcaller” also bumps thing into a faster gear, and reminds us to move. “Electric Candyman” calls on frequent collaborator, Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke, and is perfectly weird in all it’s jazz interlude glory.

The balance of heartbeats and serenades renders plausible deniability as to whether or not Flying Lotus is truly a human, as Until The Quiet Comes inherently exalts, baffles, motivates, and entertains.

IPaintMyMind Artist Liaison, Benny Loco gives his thoughts on UTQC:

“Getting There” and “Heave[n]” are both vintage Fly-Lo, all lush textures and electric pianos organized around heavy doses of in-the-pocket boom-bap, and “The Nightcaller” strikes me as a tune which could have been culled from the Los Angeles sessions. “See Thru To U” and “Electric Candyman” featuring Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke respectively are abstract enough that either could easily be a b-side from Cosmogramma. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Until The Quiet Comes is the omnipresence of bassist Stephen Bruner (Brainfeeder’s own Thundercat). His bass licks are featured on nine album tracks, but careful listeners will notice that much of the processing of bass sounds on the record are modeled after Bruner’s easily recognizable tone, and indeed, much of the phrasing sounds like Thundercat. This lends a consistent and cohesive feeling to the album, and ultimately it is stronger because of Bruner’s presence and influence… this album is not one to sleep on.”

Until The Quiet Comes by Flying Lotus

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