Four Tet – Pink

September 12th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Music No Comment yet

Four Tet “Pink” is a powerhouse, and transports you from the first second to the last. From the jump, the break pulsates somewhere between the jungle and the street as layers invade your ear and headspace on the album’s opener, Locked. Synths, video game level interludes, and rolling melody from the Andes create a soothing yet dynamic wall of sound. Lion follows with heartbeats and hi-hats, then ambiance and chimes. This record is really for all the rhythm heads out there. Jupiters furthers the celestial vibe with its intro then percolates into a popping percussion masterpiece, overlaid with a hypnotic vocal sample. Ocoras is THE track on this record, and the video is equally impressive. The rest of the album has a fluidity to it, despite the bass drums’ insistance that you come along. Texture is what we’re drawn to in electronic music, and Four Tet has plenty.

This is definitely a headphones album. Purchase it on or Boomkat