Fredrik Odman (Stockholm, Sweden)

July 19th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Photography No Comment yet

This stuff is right up our weird, hybridized alley. Fredrik Odman creates images that come into existence through manipulated photography that binds legged-life with winged-life. Again, art is about possibilities; why just replicate, when you can make dreams real? We think Odman would agree. The creatures he creates are scary in a way, somehow suggesting an event that ran afoul of the laws of nature, copy, cut, and pasting species in haphazard delight.

A fish mingles with a monkey and so on, but regardless of the specific natural mash-up, they inspire a sense of fear akin to monsters under the bed. Not only is the subject matter provocative, but the execution is impeccable. These things look frighteningly real.

Much love to Colossal, where we first laid eyes on this crazy shit.