Huma Mulji (Lahore, Pakistan)

July 10th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Photography No Comment yet

Huma Mulji is the kind of creative mind that truly inspires us at IPMM; for her, art is clearly much more than a method, but a way of thinking about the world, and giving back to it.  This Pakistani photographer, sculptor, and illustrator has birthed a wide range of conceptual yet incredibly well constructed visions, whether they be photographs of monkeys in Lahore or camel’s doubled over in suitcases as with “Arabian Delight.”  

She’s a teacher, and we think a day in one of her classes would probably be worth the commute. It’s reassuring to know that there are people so indelibly marked by an exigent need to put creative questions through the ringer of reality. Exhibiting in Pakistan as well as Dubai and China, it’s clear the work is meaningful in a global context, a testament to its range & execution. She was born in Karachi and now lives and works in Lahore.

“Summer Afternoons” is the title of this incredible series of symmetrical laser cut acrylic sheets, which achieve a hypnotic effect, capitalizing on shadows and physicality, as well as shape and space.

Huma Mulji’s entire portfolio is right HERE

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