IPMM Audio Series: Episode 16 – Remy LBO

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IPMM Audio Series 16 FINAL Remy LBO

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 16 – Remy LBO

Umpqua Fire was a blind stab in the dark that came up flush.  We loved the record and got in touch with Remy shortly thereafter about this mix, which after some technical difficulties on the part of the mix’s handlers (us), is now available for consumption.  Remy has some tracks on this mix that are indispensable to us at IPMM, and we’re amazed by how often that happens when we invite folks to cook these up for us.  In any event, we’re happy to have such a high caliber of sonic architect contributing to our DJ Series, as Remy LBO’s profile is on a solid upward trajectory. This week in fact, he’s releasing “Exceptionalism,” which he references in his description of this mix.  We recommend you buy all of his vinyl releases and start adding those digi files to your Ipod. Remy is a testament to the diversity of palette, and proficiency of spirit that has resulted in a rapid fire of creative forces hovering in and around DJ, producer, and beat-making culture as a whole.  The tastes are elevated, educated and refined, and Remy LBO is a perfect example of all of the above.

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As always, in their own words:

“Here is just a bunch of songs that I was listening to heavily while making my upcoming album, (tentatively titled, “Exceptionalism”). You can hear, they’re all pretty relaxed, but with a certain dark edge in most of them. I am very uninterested in loud, aggressive music at this point in my career, or chaotic over reverbed beat music that seems to be all the rage. Almost every single one of these songs is on an incredible full length album, so I encourage everyone to check out the full lengths if anything catches your ear. (Except maybe the Gong record, that singer is not cutting it) I tried to keep everything fairly smooth, the most abrupt transition is going from the Jun Miyake to the Raphael Saadiq record, but I thought the tuba basslines tied everything together.”

Track List:

1.  Erykah Badu – Incense (Prod. Madlib)
2.  Pete Jolly – Seasons
3.  Junip – Always
4.  Pink Floyd – Dogs (Abridged)
5.  Gong – Mandrake (Abridged)
6.  Thanasis Papakonstantinou – S’Afino Gaia
7.  Bajka – The Bellman’s Speech
8.  Jun Miyake – Turn Back
9.  Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray
10.  Tony Toni Tone – Thinking of You
11.  Zap Mama – Go Boy
12.  Can – Animal Waves

Make sure to check out Remy’s NEW record, “Exceptionalism.”

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