IPMM Audio Series: Episode 19 – DJ Mertz

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IPMM Audio Series 19 FINAL DJ Mertz

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 19 – DJ Mertz

We’re as happy as always to be offering yet another episode of the IPaintMyMind DJ Series, where we invite our favorite musicians, DJ’s, and producers to put together Exclusive Free Mixes for the IPMM Community.  This installment features the talents of DJ Mertz, a long-time IPMM supporter, audiophile, and gifted soundscapist. As per usual,we leave it up to the folks weve invited to describe their intersection with IPaintMyMind.org while setting the table (if you will), before you all sink your ears into this mix. Mertz hooked it up with his customary humility and expertise, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get him ensconced in the IPMM DJ Series.


In his own words:

“I found IPMM through its first two mix series contributors — DJ Belly and DJ Limbs. Evan approached me about doing a mix back in October 2010 if I remember correctly.

The short description of this mix is that it is something that took almost a year for me to feel ready to share. Along the way, the process of creating this mix served as a great form of therapy for me.  If interested, you can read my far more longwinded explanation on my blog about how it was therapeutic to me. In some ways, without this mix to work on, I’m not entirely sure that I would have stuck with DJing after the year I’ve had.

The nitty gritty is that this mix was recorded on three turntables in one single take. Out of the 20 tracks, 15 of them were vinyl. If I had to slap a genre on it, I’d say most of it falls under the slow chug of 100 bpm (and below) disco edits. But I made a point to try and approach the structure and mixing of the tracks in a way that it wouldn’t sound like a lot of the short-blend disco edit mixes I hear out there today. Plus, there are several weird twists and turns along the way, including the always entertaining Whitey On The Moon!

Hope everyone enjoys it!”

– DJ Mertz

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1. A very cool cover of one of my favorite Arthur Russell songs

2. Lindstrom & Christabelle – Lovesick (Four Tet Remix)

3. 6th Borough Project – Deep C

4. Walkman – The Bridge (It’s Not Over)

5. Hess Is More – Yes Boss (The Revenge Remix)

6. John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance (Edit)

7. Smith and Mudd – Hvala

8. Mutabaruka – Dis Poem

9. Vibroscope – African Drums Vibration 1

10. Dwight D Eisenhower – Farewell Address

11. Gil Scott Heron – Whitey On The Moon

12. Brothomstates – Adozenaday

13. Take – Crystallia

14. Aphex Twin – We Are The Music Makers

15. Tal M Klein & Anthony Mansfield – Cankle

16. Marco D’Aquino – Thiago (Mark E Remix)

17. Architect ft. Illija Rudman – Mind Games (Emperor Machine Remix)

18. Kasper Bjorke – Discopick

19. RPM – The Inside

20. Underworld – Eight Ball

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