IPMM Audio Series: Episode 21 – Grappa Frisbee Records Sampler

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IPMM Audio Series 21 FINAL GFR

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 21 –

Grappa Frisbee Records Sampler

Grappa Frisbee Records is an evolutionary imprint, self-assessing the project as “A Label for Abstract Ideas.”  We think they’ve hit the nail on the head, as a tour through their roster reveals immeasurable talent. There’s a breadth of sound and a dedication to subgenres of which we at IPaintMyMind are forever indebted, so we thank GFR for their contribution to the sonicscape.

Our introduction to their audio curation was through the Russian genius-producer, Malefique, whose glitchy goodness drips from the speakers in question.  That being said, we invited the good people at Grappa Frisbee to give the IPMM Community the tour it deserves of this labels’ adventurous and bold approach. For those of you who enjoy tunes in and around Abstract, Hip Hop, Glitch, House, Experimental, Electronic, or Lo Fi….. this Mp3’s for you. And as always, the IPMM DJ Series is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Enjoy it…



Nite Moves- Shade Music

KLash- The Anthem

Wrex Mason Relaxing with Ninjas

Lanugid- No Hands

Wino Willy-She Lykes Mi

All These Fingers- Been Thinking

YahnLookePicard- Going Big ( For Dilla)

Handbook- Know What ( I Still Love You)

Malefique- Do You Remember?

Jetpack Jones- M.I.A.

Wino Willy- Balifunkie

enchanterDown- Kong You Rascal

Handbook- Faith In You

JetpackJones- Patience

Choongum- That Sinking Feeling

Old Gold- Astral Projection

Art Vandelay- Enter Fig Newton

AiS- Poor People Are Crazy

Ohsaurus- Reduced

–  –  –  –  –

GFR Artists

◊ Ohsaurus ◊
◊ Cargo Cults ◊
◊ Handbook ◊
◊ Coma Djinn ◊
◊ Two Hawkes ◊
◊ Nite Moves ◊
◊ Terrorball ◊
◊ Choongum ◊
◊ Languid ◊
◊ Ghost Blankets ◊
◊ Old Gold ◊
◊ Yahn LOOKE Pickard ◊
◊ Jetpack Jones ◊
◊ Malefique ◊
◊ Graciellita ◊
◊ Obiwon Kenobi Bryant ◊


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