IPMM Audio Series: Episode 25 – Ricky Wells’ Sonic Inspiration

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IPMM Audio Series 25 Ricky Wells FINAL

Ricky Wells is another tentacle in our network of collaboration, connected to IPaintMyMind through DJ Belly, one of our reliable Artist Liaisons. Currently roaming the streets of Nova Scotia and taking time only to cook up delicious sets that run the gamut, RW is libel to leave your brain split open with any variety of his mixes. This too is the case with the 25th episode of the IPaintMyMind DJ Series, as our amigo Ricky hath cometh correct. Stream it, download it for FREE, and share it!


As always, we keep these posts short, and yield to the audio mixologist himself:

“Music inspires me.  Music allows me to envision otherwise unimaginable events on scales incomprehensible to my mind.  I imagine places where colossal creatures war with weapons that can catapult suns across solar systems, like a deadly game of nuclear dodge ball. I imagine ships as big as worlds travelling through the universe at speeds that bend reality.

Mixing the darker sides of EDM is the place where I find the most proper palette with which to paint a sonic picture of these images.  I like to employ musical elements in some mixes that are as hauntingly hypnotic as they are aggressively enormous to paint that picture.  Sonic inspiration is an essential part of the emergence core of my DJ philosophy.



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