IPMM Audio Series: Episode 7 – Spaceman Project

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IPMM Audio Series 07 FINAL Spaceman Project

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 7 – Spaceman Project

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 7 – Spaceman Project by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

IPaintMyMind met Jesse Alms aka Spaceman Project through a good friend during a run of choice concerts and a road trip through the desert. The voyage was crowned by a visit to a dingy hotel in LA and a sweaty flight back to flatter ground, but that’s neither here nor there. Good vibes and a reverence for certain aesthetics brought us together, and I’m happy that “Dude” was cool enough to provide IPMM with an exclusive. Stream it, download it for FREE, you know the deal…and of course, enjoy.


In their words: “Spaceman Project started as a heavy progressive rock ensemble that incorporated lots of guitar solos in a concept album about an astronaut that went back in time to save the world.  The group quickly developed an alter-ego, whose sole purpose is to use heavily layered dancenoise to destroy small batches of adult-kids.”


1. intro – clockwork orange theme (SP remix)

2. la roux, bulletproof (SP remix)

3. might like you better (XPDNC / kool keith / amanda blank mashup)

4. caribou, sun (SP remix)

5. ODB / Blondie / Crystal Castles (SP mashup)


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