IPaintMyMind Exclusive Interview: DJ Demchuk

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Words by Evan La Ruffa

After going above and beyond just a few days ago with IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 22, we wanted to invite DJ Demchuk back for a little Q&A. He’s blazed his own trail in a field of many, and solidified himself as a member of the upper echelon of DJ’s in Chicago. If you ever get a chance to hear him spin, it would be your pleasure.  And if you need an entertaining daytime Twitter follow, DJD is definitely your man #Cops.  Have a read.

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IPMM: Homie. So glad we were able to make this happen. We’ve been in touch for a while and the mix is sick, thanks again!

DJD: Yo, my pleasure! Thanks for being so patient…you asked me to record a mix for IPMM well over a year ago, haha…

IPMM: You’ve been around for almost a decade now! Is that fuckin’ crazy or what?!

DJD: Dude I know! Steady grindin’ haha, definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I love music, I love playing it, and I love turning people on to new tunes. 

IPMM: What IPMM enjoys so much about you is your versatility, that’s usually what we look for – DJ’s who draw on a wide range of influences. You draw on Brazilian Funk, Baltimore Club, and classic Chicago House, amongst other genres – I assume at least one fo those was your first love?

DJD: Man to be quite honest I was all over pop music as a kid, metal & grunge as I got older, then a backpacker hip hop head from high school to college where I really got into Freeform and more EDM.  All these genres really helped sculpt my taste and made freeform radio a likely step in the evolution of my DJing.

I mean, I put out a mixtape in high school that was called Lyrical Narcotix (DL here: http://tinyurl.com/42lqfz8) and I worked for WZRD Chicago 88.3fm for almost 8 years where my tastes got really eclectic. I even have a Noise side project where I circuit bend children’s toys into glitchy random boxes of sound…so as much as I love Baile Funk, House, & Juke, none of them were my first…if anything my Sesame Street album of rock covers remixed into quirky kid’s songs was my first haha …

IPMM: Tell the people about The Grind and Cage & Aquarium!

DJD: The Grind is a monthly dance party at Subterranean focusing on Hip Hop, Chicago House Music, and Juke that we’ve been doing for a couple years now. Both myself and fellow residents British Knights, All The Way Kay, and Select Inverse spin plus a guest or two.  Always a rad night. Was actually interviewed for the Tribune about it recently (http://tinyurl.com/3sgvcdw)

Cage and Aquarium is a DJ company I was able to link up with after I met my homie DJ Limbs.  They focus on supplying highly experienced and eclectic DJs for corporate events, weddings, private parties, etc.  Got a side also called C+A Publik where we’ve done a couple NYC parties and night clubs here in Chi. All good people and I’m super proud to be a part of the crew.

Demchuk w Limbs

Demchuk w Limbs

IPMM: What were the Top 3 or so memorable shows you played?

DJD: I worked with House Call Entertainment in 2010 booking the 2nd day’s DJ stage at Green Music Fest in West Town which was incredible to spin at a street fest with guys like Juke legend DJ Gant-Man and Proper Villains from NYC. 

I was invited to perform a circuit bending demo at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art where I also taught a Saturday Short class on the same subject.  That was truly humbling to make live art and sound in a museum that features such incredible irreplaceable art. 

And I guess the final most memorable show I play was this year’s Juke Fest at Lincoln Hall organized by GlitterGuts.com. Not only was I spinning with cats like BBU and ShowYouSuck, but I was also the host. Very proud to introduce the acts like Ammunition, Starfoxxx, Gant, and Molly Bass… 

IPMM: What DJ most influenced your own creative progression?

DJD: Gotta give it up to my dude Livewire.  Met him in college and he really schooled me on Electro and House music plus getting on wax.  I bought so many records once I got started on the 1’s & 2’s haha

IPMM: What’s your favorite daytime television show? (This is a leading question, but if you follow Demchuk on Twitter, you know where this is going. If not, go follow him! #Cops)

DJD: Haha yup guilty as charged haha stop resisting!!! Man the show is crazy and I like to talk shit so its a match made in Free TV Land haha!  We’ll be starting a stream of us watching it kinda like Mystery Science Theater 3000 very soon

IPMM: Name one artist and/or musician IPMM readers should google right now.

DJD: Gotta check out locals Perfect Kiss…they’re an awesome New Wave band about to release an album and they’ve got some tunes up on soundcloud available to download…also, if you haven’t heard ’em yet, you gotta hear BlahBlahBlah they’re gonna be huge and their lead singer has a literally enchanting voice.

Get up with our man on his blog

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