Katja Mayer (London, England)

March 15th, 2012 Posted by Featured, Photography No Comment yet

Katja Mayer’s photographs are truly eery. Creepy and voyeuristic in the way slowing down to see how gruesome the crash on the other side of the road really was. It’s art that is dependent on timing, capitalizing on the evocative nature of the precise moment in which the photo was taken.  The mixture of elusiveness and focus is fantastic, and we hope there are more of these to come. The collection of photos is entitled “Days Lost,” which features these bizarre snapshots was created in conjunction with Peter Chadwick, and the exhibit opened earlier this month at The Print House Gallery in London. These photographs definitely impart an added depth of mystery, as the smoke rising from the rubble denotes a tragedy that exist mere microseconds into the past.  Between the aesthetic itself, and the feeling that is surely emitted in these photograph’s presence makes us wish that transatlantic flight wasn’t quite so long. If you’re in London, go check this out, NOW! Katja Mayer, we salute you.


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