Makers of Sense – Out of the Box

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Words by Troy Brundidge

Makers of Sense : Out of the Box

“Out of the Box” by Makers of Sense is an eclectic look into the future, and a must-have for fans of ill-beat construction. The Chicago duo composed of Brother El and Cristián Huepe (aka Labo_labs), offers an inviting collage of warm, synth fused vibes—for which they’ve coined their own genre—“Urban Post Electronic Dance.” Regardless of your dance music preference, Out of the Box ventures through the deep underground club rhythms, stretches far into trance melodies, and when it comes to next-generation hip hop soundscapes—they kick down the door.

Brother El’s crisp baritone voice displays daunting versatility—he plays emcee on tracks such as the title groove, “Out of the Box” and “Much Further,” and displays an impressive range as a singer on “Po boy.” His words are even utilized well as vocal samples on songs such as “Shake the Word,” and the beautifully produced “Princess vs. Robots.”

Fans of Beck’s lawless musical composition and Count Bass D’s funky, lyrical prowess, will find themselves right at home upon hearing “Out of the Box.” Replay value is very high and, avoiding dance movements—be they a head nod or, a full on juke—is unlikely.

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