Sink into these Smooth Sounds from Australia on Nick Hill’s “Rut” EP

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Aussie-born indie/electronic singer Nick Hill has released a 3-song EP entitled “Rut.” Hill pairs liquid smooth, repeated vocals with gritty instrumentals to truly captivate his listeners. Each song seamlessly flows into the next. It’s so easy to become entranced by the hypnotic melodies of the Rut EP that one could just float away into Hill’s carefully crafted musical stream.

The EP starts with “Know This,” a single released in November of last year. It’s a smooth track with layered vocals. It’s not exactly clear who he’s referring to in the song – a past lover, himself? But it seems to be an awakening. “I trust my eyes, don’t lie. I am hypnotized,” he repeats. The sound of his voice inflects the realization of just how horrible this person has been, and for how long.

This flows into the next song titled “Silk,” which seems to dig deeper into the emotions exposed in the first song. He sings about being trapped in his mind, wanting to venture out, tired of being “inside” and needing the daylight. Again, the lyrics are subjective. However, it seems like this song is the second phase. It’s as if he’s saying “Hey, I’ve realized you aren’t worth my time. You’re free. So why can’t I be?”

The last song shares the album’s namesake. “Rut” is the most complex song in this collection. It combines the vocal repetition from “Know This” and the acoustics from “Silk” to create a compelling track that brings the EP to a perfect close, begging for another listen. “We were stuck in the deepest of ruts,” he sings, while the backing vocals ask how to fix the problem.

Nick Hill is a storyteller. He allows the listener to go on an emotional journey with him. From beginning to end he captures your attention without having to say much at all. The simplicity is what makes the “Rut” EP a true work of art.

You can listen to the EP below and purchase the tracks on iTunes or download at your own price on bandcamp.

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