The Smooth Flavor of Milos Greene

May 18th, 2015 Posted by Featured, Music No Comment yet

Milos Greene doesn’t want you to just listen to their second album, “Control.” They want you to get lost in it. The sounds of this four-person quartet are as smooth as a glass of Merlot. Like the wine, their music is filled with familiarity; the longer you let it sit and breathe, the more potent its hold becomes. The beats are like fresh flavors blossoming in your ear buds; the more you drink in, the stronger the buzz.

Milos Greene’s preferred genre label is Cinematic Pop, but what is that? It’s all about the buzz and how music makes you feel. Milos Greene’s mission is to make their audience feel cinematic. They’re offering a soundtrack to life. It’s an escape, somewhere you can go to get lost. It’s a rabbit hole into the world music can create.

Milos Greene knows what works. What makes their flavor so unique is the ability to blend four different vocalists. They’re masters at harmonizing, showcasing their varying talents and offering each voice its much deserved shot in the spotlight. They can throw you a 1980s George Michael-esque beat in songs like “On the Fence,” or they can turn it around and croon like The Cranberries in songs like “The Autumn Tree.” No matter what story they’re telling, the delightful purring whispers of “Control” will fill your ears and your mind with sound waves crafted with elegant precision.

In a day and age when music so often feels confined by its genre, Milos Greene has broken those barriers and created something new. Their creation is worthy of our approval, not labels. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a generous glass of Milos Greene and just enjoy the buzz.

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