Flying Lotus – 4.2.10 – Double Door (Chicago, IL)

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I’ve never seen a show at The Double Door that was as packed as Flying Lotus’ set a week ago. I went into it expecting a great performance, and FlyLo didn’t disappoint.  Yellow and orange lights would flood the venue as a dark and psychedelic stream of images played on a screen behind him. The show was intense, bass heavy, and gritty. I described him to my buddy as a grimy-green-sludge-experimental-beat-making-mad-scientist, and it was no different that night. He played stuff of the Los Angeles LP, as well as a few new joints from his upcoming Cosmogramma, and some Radiohead-inspired stuff. FlyLo was always dancing and getting into it, it was obvious that he loves what he does. He would thrash about behind his toys after que’ing up the next gnarly, dissonant, glitchy segment of each track and the crowd was fellin’ it.  Well worth the $8, that’s for sure.

Flying Lotus is currently opening Thom Yorke’s project, Atoms of Peace, which rolls through Chicago tomorrow and Sunday (April 10th and 11th.) at The Aragon Ballroom.

Photos Courtesy of Greg Kohlhagen (IPMM)
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