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Kayrock Screenprinting Fosters Artist Growth

May 26th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Brooklyn based Kayrock Screenprinting has multiple programs aimed at producing silkscreen prints, paper prints and books of art; however, the 100-year-old coverted rope factory is much more than the home of a studio offering printing services. Kayrock is an artists’ collective that collaborates with other artists to create, distribute and promote their work to the betterment of all involved.

Charles Jeffrey’s Art Takes Over the Green Exchange Lobby

May 21st, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, IPMM Gallery @ Green Exchange No Comment yet

Charles Jeffrey has been developing his dynamic style for years, and now IPMM has the pleasure of displaying it in the Green Exchange lobby.

Nordic Artists Take a Lens on the Modern Voyage to the Virtual

February 23rd, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Voyage to the Virtual, a New York-based exhibition, brings together ten Nordic artists whose work uses digital, moving image, or light-based techniques.

The Mind of Molokid

February 9th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Molokid’s collection feels like a labyrinth. It’s a maze that one travels through, exploring different realms and various layers of art and the human state.

Italy’s Francesco Romoli Will Blow Your Mind

December 7th, 2014 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Whether a bench-goer has an iPad for a head, or a red jacketed cyborg exposes his innards, the concepts & questions asked within are a blast.

Perpetual Motion: Jeffrey Zachmann’s Kinetic Sculptures

October 6th, 2014 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Jeffrey Zachmann is an artist from Fergus Falls, Minnesota, who specializes in a form of industrial sculpture, combining found pieces of scrap metal, wire, and chain.

Extended Feature: LEGO Renditions Put a New Spin on Art Both High and Low

August 6th, 2014 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

These LEGO designs appeal to the zeitgeist of popular culture while referencing, borrowing from, and toying with the timeless canon of art history.

Chema Skandal! (Chicago, IL)

February 12th, 2014 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet


Words by Rob Sarwark

As I sit here listening to 1965’s “Scandal Ska” by the legendary Skatalites of Kingston, Jamaica, I can’t help but get nostalgic about a time and a place that I’ve never actually known. But the power of this music lies in its very universality. That said, I can’t help but notice that a considerable proportion of these songs’ uploaders and commentators on YouTube are Spanish-speaking. Indeed, some of the most die-hard ska, rocksteady, and reggae aficionados hail from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America, where millennials have found and maintained a serious affinity for these sounds, their history, and the aesthetics of soul, style, and urban savvy that go along with them. In other words, they’ve made this music and its now half-century-old subculture their own.

Chicago is a long way from Kingston, Jamaica, and almost as far from Mexico City, but these days, and globalization being what it is, it’s hard to say sometimes where one ends and the other begins. Case in point: CHema Skndl, aka Chema Skandal!, Chicago’s resident Mexican mod- and Jamaicana-influenced graphic artist. According to his blog, he describes himself as a “graphic artist and enthusiast of popular music and images of the last century.” His work is a true mash-up of styles with a nevertheless coherent and signature effect. He draws from, among other things, the campy horror of mid-century Mexican lucha libre films, British mod youth subculture, and groovy, Independence-era Jamaican verve. The result is work that lends itself as perfectly to concert posters, t-shirts, and album covers as it does to the walls of the best galleries in Chicago, Mexico City, and Madrid. In addition, his outdoor mural work – examples of which can be seen in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago – capture not only the artist’s playful side, but also his political and poetic voice, with stark proclamations of love and soul in celebration of a bustling city of immigrants.

Check CHema out at his blog and find him quietly sipping a beer in the back of the next “Jamaican Oldies” show in Chicago, where the ska subculture is alive, well, and fully aware of its rich and diverse heritage. They’re lucky to have him.

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Exhibition Review: Bill Dunlap’s “Honorificabilitudinitatibus,” University of Maryland

October 11th, 2013 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Bill Dunlap’s newest exhibition deals in raw emotional sweeps of color, as well as an engagement with the written word and the impact of the geometric line.

Lionel Smit (Cape Town, South Africa)

March 21st, 2013 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Lionel Smit is an artist with a skill set that transcends mediums. Out of Cape Town, South Africa Smit’s work features faces. Mostly women, these visages aren’t mere portraits but rather reflections of sentiment standing apart from time and experiences. Causes have been hung out to dry leaving us only with the effect.