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The Cinematic Cabinet of Kenneth Dickerman

May 11th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Photography No Comment yet

There is a crowd leaving a subway station. We feel the change in light, heat and pressure as we trudge toward the stairs. There is a girl walking on a rainy sidewalk. We hear her flats shuffle on the night’s wet brick.

A carefully crafted aesthetic is evident in Dickerman’s work, but it is neither effete nor contrived. The content of the images undoubtedly come from his background as a photojournalist, but the images move beyond documentary into the world of visual poetry.

Jean-Luc Godard Pushes the Boundaries of 3D Film with “Goodbye to Language”

March 30th, 2015 Posted by Featured, Film No Comment yet

More important is the mysticism at the heart of the film. For Godard, art allows us to access a more fundamental reality – one deeper than language can communicate. All of the film’s dialogue is just a way of circling around that inexpressible point, a point well made with a line of Claude Monet’s: “Paint not what we see, for we see nothing…but paint that we don’t see.”